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Geophysical team

B.DASHBAATAR – Director/Senior geophysics

Education: The Technical University as a “Geophysicist in exploration of mineral resources”, 2001

Professional Experience:

  • Director and founder, “DashMagEng” since 2008
  • Engineer-geophysicist, “GeoMaster Engineering”, for 8 years worked for
  • Projects in geophysical studies done at request from international mining and exploration companies;
  • Specialized in, he majored in geophysical surveys, mapping, and prospecting of polymetalic, massive sulfides, coal, and uranium occurrences and deposits, during this time;
  • Processing experience in often working in interpretation of ground magnetic survey, electric survey, and gamma-spectric methods;
  • Also, fully practical experienced by responsibility of gravitymeter and topogeodetic field works;

Now, he working with new generation geophysicists who was powered by high knowledge and skills.  

Ts.SUGAR – Geophysics

Education: The Mongolian University of Science and Technology as a “Geophysical engineer”, 2005

Professional Experience:

  • Geophysicist for “DashMagEng” since its establishment
  • Geophysicist for “Geomaster Engineering” in 2005-2008
  • Electric resistivity survey of Gradient array for “Baruunnaran” coal project, “QGX Mongolia” in Tsogt-Tsetsii, Umnugovi aimag;
  • Geophysical complex surveys in the Boroo gold mine, Bayangol soum, Selenge;
  • Performed processing studies for the following mining companies Batu Mining, Erdene Mongol, Solomon Resources and Xanadu Mines at their requests since 2006;
  • Specialized in using Electric methods of depth and plan types such as Gradient rctgl, Dipole-dipole, Pole-dipole, VES Schlumberger and Pole-pole;

– Geophysics

Education: The Mongolian National University as a “Geophysical engineer”, 2006

Professional Experience:

  • Engineer/Geophysicist – “DashMagEng”, Jan 2009
  • Practical experience in using “GeoVista” logging tools;
  • Engineer/Geophysicist – “Geosan”, 2007-2009
  • Specialized in uranium exploration;
  • Assisted for the projects “Kharaat” and “Khairkhan” - Mongolia’s uranium great resources at request of the”Denison Mines” LLC using “Mountsopris” equipment;
  • Borehole geophysical logging for the “Togoot” coal mine project, “Entree Cold” Inc, by using natural gamma methods;
  • Exploration/Geophysicist – “MonKarotaj”, 2006-2007
  • Practical experience using “Auslog” carotage equipment manufactured in Australia and USA;

Practical experience in Gamma–Gamma radioactivity source, when he worked with the following projects:

  • “Nariin Sukhait” Coal Mine, “MAK” Group
  • “Baruun Naran” Coal mine project, “QGX Mongolia” LLC
  • “Tugalgatai” Coal mine project, “VALE Tethys Mining” LLC

D.SUKHBAATAR – Geophysics

Education: The Technical University as a “Geophysicist in exploration of mineral resources”, 2001

Professional Experience:

  • Engineer/Geophysicist, “Universal Copper” since 2007
  • Specialized in geophysical surveys and mapping methods for gold and copper porphyry deposits
  • Engineer/Geophysicist, “Ivanhoe Mines Mongolia Inc”
  • Projects at Oyu tolgoi, Kharmagtai and Saran uul;
  • Specialized in ground magnetic survey and electric survey methods

N.MUNKHJARGAL – Consultant /Geophysicist/

Education: The School of Geology and Mining, Mongolian Technical University as a “Geophysicist in exploration of mineral resources”, 1997

Professional Experience:

  • Geophysicist, “MWH Surveys”, based  in Nevada, USA, since 2006
  • Performed regional geophysical surveys in Eritrea, UAE-United Arabian Emirates, Kenya in Africa and Canada in North America;
  • Geophysicist of Gravity, “Geomaster Engineering: in 2004-2006;
  • Surveys in copper and gold porphyry Oyu Tolgoi;
  • Gold mine in Gatsuurt;
  • Gold Mine in Ulaanbulag;
  • Regional Gravity survey in Northern Mongolia
  • Geophysicist and Senior Geophysicist, “MAK”
  • Participated in the Gravity expedition in Geo-transect in central Mongolia;
  • Geophysical complex surveys in the “Nariin Sukhait” and the “Tsagaan Suvarga” deposits;
  • Employment with the “DashMagEng” - Part time consultant geophysics for gravity projects

Gravity data processing and final interpretation

P.URANBAIGAL – Consultant /Geophysicist/


  • The School of Geology and Mining, Mongolian Technical University as a “Geophysicist in exploration of mineral resources”, 1998
  • The section of Geoscientist, Missouri state university, USA as a “Master degree in geophysics”, 2006-2009
  • Study for Ph.D degree in the University, USA, since 2009 to now

Professional Experience:

  • Assistant teacher, The school of geology and mining, Mongolian technical university, 1998-2001
  • Geologist, senior geologist, The geo-information fund and MRAM, 2004-2006
  • Research worker, laboratory officer and assistant teacher of “Interpretation of seismic method” course besides of study in the University
  • She had been done discussion of presentations about processing and interpretation of seismic, gravity and magnetic survey methods in the SEG forum and student conference
  • Researching of gravity, magnetic and seismic survey methods, since 2006
  • Performed the data processing and interpretation of regional gravity survey at the Tuhum-X, Tsaidam-XXVI petroleum exploration areas by carried out of DashMagEng LLC, 2010

CH.OTGONBAYAR – Office manager/Safety officer/


  • The Institute of Finance and Economics as a “Business Administration in Business Management”, 2004

Professional Experience:

  • Office manager/Safety officer for “DashMagEng” since Oct 2010
  • Admin assistant reception for Harrods Minerals Ltd., in 1997-2002, who there was preparing documents, secretarial duties, office supply reporting to Office manager
  • Logistics coordinator for Gallant Minerals LLC in 2002-2004, who there was Office and camp supply, purchasing, warehouse record keeping
  • Logistics manager for Batu Mining Mongolia LLC in 2004-2009, who there was Purchasing supervising logistics and warehouse officers, monitoring office and camp supplies reporting to Financial controller


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  • Address: #604, 6th floor, Express Tower, Peace avenue-4, Chingeltei District, P/O Box-2265, UB-15160, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia