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Since our establishment in 2008, we have been engaged with mineral exploration and mining companies offering and completing high standard services of ground geophysical surveys.

Our thanks go to those of you made us a mature service provider and a true competitor in this market.

We do work with domestic and foreign customers from various commodities such as coal, metal, oil and gas, uranium and ground water, utilizing leading-edge technology of modern exploration geophysics. We also provide engineering studies and re-evaluating historical data with consultancy on our clients’ request.

Moreover, it is pleasant to mention that we have environmentally friendly Health and Safety Policy and Standards, therefore our services are harm free, no negative impact to the nature and local people with highly organized manner.

The successes we achieved so far have two key factors that are strong team consisting of experienced professionals and reliable customers. Therefore, we understand that we have to develop ourselves day to day and keep our service standard as high as we can in order to fulfill our valued customers needs.

We appreciate your enduring support, and pledge to continue striving to exceed expectations. 


Thank you for visiting our website. 

Sincerely: B.Dashbaatar CEO



We have to knowledge-based and creative thinking, customers to respect and to respect the law and the environmental-friendly leading industry.



Customers: the reliable and accurate information

Employees: creative environment to develop future


Guiding principles





DashMagEng is the one of active running companies in Mongolian geophysical sector. Our staff has been professionally experienced by working with national and international such as companies from North American, Australian, Russian and Asian for last 10 years. Also, we have been learning and accumulating experiences by working with the professionals and experts from the world wide recognized international mining companies such as AngloGold Ashanti, Asia Gold, Areva Mongol, Batu Mining, Boroo Gold, Cameco Gold, Centerra Gold, VALE Tethys Mining, Erdene Mongol, Gallant Minerals, IUC, Polo Resources, Solomon Resources, Portress Minerals, QGX Mongolia and Xanadu Mines. Оur founders and geophysicists are professionally competent and have already have more 10 years experience in the geosciences sector, so they are possible to carrying out any exploration projects.

Available methods


Ground magnetic survey

Effective technique for mapping geologic structure, geology and mineralization in grassroots mineral exploration. It may also be used in combination with other geophysical methods in geothermal exploration, and oil, gas exploration.


IP Electric survey

Provides a means of detecting and mapping conductive mineralization, disseminated mineralization, alteration, geology, etc. for mineral exploration. Resistivity is sometimes used on its own in other applications.


Auto gamma-Spectrometric mapping

A technique that measures gamma radiation eminating from the decay of potassium, uranium and thorium radioelements. It is applied typically in mineral exploration for surface geologic mapping.


Borehole logging

Provides an important tool for lithologic mapping and stratigraphic correlation. Gamma-ray logs are important for detecting alteration zones, and for providing information on rock types.



Ground gravity survey

A high-precision method for measuring density contrasts that may relate to economic resources buried at depth. It is applicable for mineral exploration, geothermal exploration, and oil and gas exploration.

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